Discover the expertise of Modi Chemical, a leading Acetone Manufacturer in India and Gujarat.

Modi Chemical - Best Acetone Manufacturer Company

Welcome to the world of Modi Chemical, where excellence meets innovation in acetone manufacturing. As a prominent Acetone Manufacturer based in India and Gujarat, Modi Chemical has established itself as a reliable and cutting-edge player in the market.

modi Chemical - Best Acetone Manufacturer Company

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Modi Chemical: A Leading Acetone Manufacturer

Modi Chemical stands out as a reputable and experienced Acetone manufacturer, catering to the diverse needs of industries worldwide. With a commitment to quality, they have become a trusted name in the chemical sector.


Acetone, a versatile solvent and essential chemical compound, plays a pivotal role in numerous industries. Its use ranges from industrial applications to household products, making it a vital component in the global chemical landscape.

Acetone Manufacturer in India

With the growing demand for Acetone in various sectors, Modi Chemical has played a crucial role in meeting India's requirements. Their products contribute significantly to the nation's industrial landscape.

Acetone Manufacturer in Gujarat

Gujarat, a prominent hub in the chemical sector, provides a conducive environment for manufacturing activities. The state's infrastructure and policies support the growth of chemical industries.

Applications of Acetone

Industrial Uses

Acetone finds extensive use in industrial processes, including the production of plastics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals. Its role as a solvent and cleaning agent is indispensable.

Household Applications

In households, Acetone is commonly found in nail polish removers and paint thinners. Its effectiveness in these applications highlights its versatility.

Medical and Cosmetic Purposes

The medical and cosmetic industries leverage Acetone for its antiseptic properties and use in nail care products, showcasing its diverse applications.


Modi Chemical's journey as a leading Acetone manufacturer reflects a commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Their impact on the Indian and global markets is undeniable.As a key player in the chemical industry, Acetone's importance in modern industrial processes cannot be overstated. Modi Chemical's role in this landscape solidifies the compound's significance.


1. What is acetone?

Acetone is a versatile solvent widely used in various industries for its solvent properties, making it an integral component in manufacturing processes.

2. What are the main uses of acetone?

Acetone finds applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and cosmetics, serving as a solvent and a key ingredient in various products.

3. Is acetone safe for use?

Yes, when handled and used according to safety guidelines, acetone is safe for various industrial applications.

4. Are there any environmental concerns associated with Acetone production?

While Acetone production has environmental considerations, Modi Chemical addresses them through eco-friendly practices and waste management.

5. How is Acetone used in the manufacturing sector?

Acetone is a crucial solvent in the manufacturing sector, employed in processes like plastic and textile production.

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