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Modi Chemical, where boundaries dissolve, brings you a world of chemistry without borders. With unwavering dedication, we transcend geographical limitations, empowering industries across the globe with our exceptional chemical solutions.

Who we are?

With a commitment to excellence and quality, Modi Chemicals has been a trusted provider of chemical products and services for over a decade. Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. We strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. At Modi Chemicals, we prioritize safety and sustainability, ensuring that our products adhere to the highest standards. Our experienced team of professionals is always ready to assist you with tailored solutions and technical expertise. Trust Modi Chemicals for all your chemical requirements, and experience a partnership built on reliability and trust.

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

Welcome to Modi Chemicals, where we are committed to delivering high-quality chemical prod ucts and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our industry is dedicated to advancing the world of chemistry, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.


Pricing & Costing

At Modi Chemicals, we understand the importance of pricing flexibility. Our pricing model is tailored to your specific product and service needs. We strive to offer competitive rates and are open to providing volume discounts for substantial or extended orders. For detailed information on pricing and available discounts, please reach out to us directly.

Vision & Mission

At Modi Chemicals, safety and compliance are our utmost priorities. We strictly adhere to all applicable regulations and industry standards, conducting frequent testing and monitoring of our products. Our continuous commitment to updating processes and procedures ensures that we stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments, guaranteeing the safety and compliance of our offerings.

Modi Chemicals: Advancing Safe Drugs

Through rigorous research and quality control, Modi Chemicals is dedicated to advancing the production of safe and effective drugs.

  • Modi Chemicals prioritizes the development of safe drugs through stringent research and quality control measures.
  • Our commitment to advancing drug production ensures that patients can trust the safety and effectiveness of our products.
  • At Modi Chemicals, we strive to contribute to the well-being of individuals by delivering high-quality and reliable pharmaceutical solutions.

Modi Chemicals: Innovative Intermediates Solutions

Modi Chemicals excels in providing innovative intermediate solutions, delivering high-quality and reliable products that meet the evolving demands of various industries.

  • Modi Chemicals is a leader in the field of intermediates, offering innovative solutions that drive progress in various industries.
  • Our commitment to delivering high-quality intermediates ensures that our customers can rely on us for their evolving needs.
  • With a focus on innovation, Modi Chemicals continuously develops and provides reliable intermediate solutions that contribute to the success of our customers' businesses.

Modi Chemicals: Premium Solvent Solutions

Modi Chemicals offers premium solvent solutions that meet the diverse needs of industries, providing high-quality, reliable, and efficient products.

  • Modi Chemicals is a trusted provider of premium solvents, offering a wide range of high-quality solutions tailored to meet industry-specific requirements.
  • Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive reliable and efficient solvent products that enhance their processes and operations.
  • With Modi Chemicals' premium solvent solutions, industries can rely on our expertise and products to achieve optimal performance and superior results.

Modi Chemicals: Exceptional Acid Solutions

Modi Chemicals is renowned for providing exceptional acid solutions, delivering high-quality and reliable products that cater to various industrial applications.

  • Modi Chemicals specializes in offering exceptional acid solutions that meet the diverse needs of industries, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide high-quality acid products that deliver superior performance and contribute to the success of our customers.
  • With Modi Chemicals' exceptional acid solutions, industries can trust in our expertise to meet their specific requirements and achieve optimal results in their operations.

Modi Chemicals: Advanced Agrochemical Solutions

Modi Chemicals offers advanced agrochemical solutions, providing farmers with innovative and effective products to enhance crop growth, protection, and yield.

  • Modi Chemicals is a leading provider of advanced agrochemical solutions, empowering farmers with innovative products to optimize crop production and protect against pests and diseases.
  • Our commitment to excellence in agrochemicals ensures that farmers have access to effective and reliable solutions that contribute to sustainable agriculture practices.
  • With Modi Chemicals' advanced agrochemical solutions, farmers can confidently address agricultural challenges and achieve higher yields while promoting environmental stewardship.

Modi Chemicals: Premier Lab Chemicals

Modi Chemicals is a trusted provider of premier lab chemicals, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products for laboratory research and analysis.

  • Modi Chemicals is the go-to source for premier lab chemicals, supplying researchers and scientists with top-quality products for accurate and reliable laboratory analysis.
  • Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers have access to a diverse range of lab chemicals that meet stringent quality standards and support their scientific endeavors.
  • With Modi Chemicals' premier lab chemicals, researchers can trust in the quality and consistency of our products to drive accurate and impactful scientific discoveries.

Discover the transformative power of Modi Chemical. Our innovative solutions revolutionize industries, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and global progress. Unleash possibilities today.


Your Partner for Unparalleled Solutions

With our deep expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we deliver tailored solutions that surpass expectations and drive your success.

Unrivaled Chemical Knowledge

With decades of experience and a team of experts, we possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the chemical industry, ensuring top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

Cutting-edge Technology

Embracing innovation, we harness the latest advancements and technologies to develop groundbreaking solutions, giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

Eco-friendly Solutions

Committed to sustainability, we offer eco-friendly solutions that minimize environmental impact while delivering superior performance, meeting your goals with a green conscience.

Uncompromising Standards

We uphold rigorous quality standards at every stage of our operations, ensuring that our products meet the highest levels of quality, reliability, and consistency, providing you with unparalleled value.